About Us

Roam: Experiential Learning, a brand of Scope Global, draws on more than 27 years of experience working in the Indo-Pacific region to offer high quality international study tours for university students. Our interactive and immersive programs take students out of the classroom to study the important international issues of today in locations where they’re most relevant.

Why Roam?


All of our programs are carefully designed to offer you a very high quality experience. All our programs have been reviewed and endorsed by a panel of expert academics and industry professionals, so you can be assured that the content is academically rigorous and relevant. We cap our group sizes at 30 students per intake. This ensures you get a quality, personal experience. Smaller groups also mean we’re less disruptive when we’re travelling through the destination. All of our study tours have at least two dedicated program staff on the ground – one responsible for teaching and one responsible for logistics, pastoral care and safety. Where neither of these staff speak the local language, a third team member will be engaged as translator. At least one team member will be a local of the destination country, which means there’s always someone on the program who can provide local context. Students on our tours say that they feel like they have great access to their lecturer, because the lecturer isn’t run off their feet trying to make sure that all the logistics are in place for the next day of the tour.


We’ve been running study tours throughout the Indo-Pacific region for more than four years and have worked with hundreds of students over this time.We also draw on the experience of our parent company, Scope Global, which managed the Australian Volunteers for International Development program for 17 years. On this program we mobilised and supported more than 6,700 Australians to live and volunteer in 33 developing countries around the world. More than half of our staff are engaged outside of Australia. This has made us experts in all the challenges that people face when they’re adapting to life in another culture, which is why we think we’re fit to teach programs on leadership and cultural intelligence.As a managing contractor for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Asian Development Bank, we are experts in development and can provide students with a realistic understanding of what development work actually involves.


Many study tour programs take students out of a lecture theatre in Australia and put them in a different lecture theatre overseas, sometimes even with a lecturer from their home institution giving the lectures. We focus on giving students exposure to what’s happening in the real world through site visits, interactive discussions with local experts and professionals working in the field, as well as opportunities to see different parts of the destination country. We have strong connections with industry and subject matter experts across the region and can offer you access to people and organisations that other study abroad providers simply cannot access. This allows you to build your professional networks.


In our years of supporting Australians living and working overseas, we’ve worked to keep our people safe in just about every situation imaginable – cyclones, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, serious personal illnesses and rapidly changing political situations. We have strong safety systems and processes. We constantly monitor the situation in the countries where we go. All of our group leaders are trained in First Aid, Mental Health First Aid and Critical Incident Response. We have our own in-house safety expert and we partner with leading international emergency response organisations to keep you as safe as possible and to respond quickly and professionally if an incident occurs.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on experiential learning. We believe that learning is deeper and more meaningful when it takes place through personal experience in a location that makes sense contextually. Our programs provide students with the opportunity to meet a diverse range of experts and practitioners working on the ground, and to visit a range of field sites.

We believe that we cannot fully understand or begin to address the complex and intractable issues of our time without also understanding the cultural, social and economic context in which they exist – so our programs tend to be inter-disciplinary and holistic in their scope.

In experiential learning, the role of the lecturer is not to transfer their knowledge to the student, but to facilitate the gathering, critical analysis and synthesis of information through personal observation and experience. In this sense, lectures are much shorter and less frequent than would be the case in a traditional on-campus topic. Instead, the lecturer facilitates a series of seminars with students structured around a series of interactive conversations with guest speakers and site visits.

These seminars prepare students to get as much as possible out of their interactions with guest speakers, and to start the process of critical reflection and analysis after the meeting or site visit has taken place. This experiential learning is supported by a succinct and carefully curated list of readings, and assignment tasks designed to promote further critical reflection and synthesis of the knowledge gained through the process.

The Benefits of Learning Abroad

Typically, students who participate in learning abroad graduate with a higher GPA. According to research undertaken in the UK, students who participated in learning abroad have lower rates of unemployment after graduation and earn on average 5% more than their peers who did not study abroad.

In addition to gaining first-hand knowledge of the subject matter, international study tours provide students with opportunities to:

  • Build peer and professional networks around the world
  • Gain international experience
  • Build resilience
  • Improve cross-cultural communication skills
  • Develop language skills
  • Gain a different perspective

Meet Our Team

Dr Amanda Schiller

Program Manager

Amanda manages the Roam team and also teaches our programs in Indonesia and Sri Lanka. She has a background in international relations and international development and has worked in the tertiary education sector for more than 10 years. She is a passionate believer in experiential learning and also has a serious case of the travel bug. She feels really fortunate that she gets to travel for work and is constantly amazed at the situations she finds herself in because of her job – she once sang John Farnham’s ‘You’re the Voice’ in front of a bus full of Australian students in Vietnam because at the pre-departure session she’d bragged that karaoke was a special skill. She currently lives in Adelaide and speaks Indonesian.

Favourite travel destination so far: Bhutan

Top travel tip: Keep an open mind, but don’t drink the tap water!

Next bucket list destination: Cuba

Kelly Payne

Program Coordinator

Kelly is a Program Coordinator for Roam. She has a background in tourism and international relations and has worked in the travel sector for over 7 years. She is passionate about learning about other cultures and their history. She loves that she gets to work in such a dynamic and exciting role and still pinches herself at some of the things she gets to do! In her spare time, she loves being active and getting out and about with her two dogs, Harper and Willow.

Favourite travel destination: Zambia

Top travel tip: Sounds boring but… stay hydrated, take half the clothes you have planned and invest in good quality comfortable shoes.

Next bucket list destination: Iceland (or Uganda…. Or Peru!)

Nicki Witcher

Program Coordinator

Nicki is Program Coordinator for Roam and has been with Scope Global for 5 years, in the role of Travel Officer.

She has over 14 years’ experience in the travel industry, including working for an international airline. Her childhood was spent growing up in Malawi, Africa and then the UK before moving to Australia with her family as a teenager. She loves the food, cultures and customs of other countries and one day plans to do a “foodie tour around the world”. Her favourite travel quote is ‘Where to next?’. When she’s not planning travel or travelling, she is either hanging out with family and friends or spending weekends away in South Australia.

Favourite travel destination: Italy

Top travel tip: Walk everywhere to get to know the neighborhood where you are staying and use the local public transport. It’s usually so much cheaper. (Also: eat everything! Try all the local specialty dishes even if it’s not what you would normally eat.)

Next bucket list destination: Norway and Vietnam


Sophia Hyland

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Sophia is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Roam. She has a background in marketing within tourism, the arts and international development. As the child of American diplomats, she lived around the world, including countries in Eastern Europe and East Asia. These experiences have taught her how perspective-changing and enriching immersing yourself in another culture can be.

She is stoked to work for a program that offers students the opportunity to further their knowledge overseas in development, climate change, and human rights – fields that are of critical importance and need passionate, dedicated people! In her free time, you can find Sophia reading books, writing, listening to podcasts and trying to get out in the sunshine.

Favourite travel destination: Taiwan

Top travel tip: Always bring tissue paper. Always.

Next bucket list destination: Brazil