Information for students

All our programs are specifically designed for you to earn credit at your institution. They are stringently reviewed by a panel of academics and practitioners to ensure they meet university standards, are relevant and to ensure they follow best practice.

Earning credit will enable you to apply for funding, and give you access to your university travel insurance.

Ultimately it will be up to your university to make a decision as to whether or not you can get credit and exactly how many credit points it will be worth.


  1. Apply for the program

Apply for the program here. You will need to have with you:

  • university course convenor details (name, email and contact number)
  • cover letter
  • academic transcript
  • CV
  • two references (name, email and contact number)

We also suggest that you speak to your university mobility office at this time to find out what their process is.

  1. Send the program syllabus to your course convener

Once you have applied you will receive an email confirmation to say your application has been accepted along with the course syllabus for the program you have applied for. We recommend you discuss the program with your course convener prior to sending them the syllabus. Once they are aware of the program you are applying for, send through the syllabus so that they can assess the course.

  1. Apply for credit at your university

Each university will have a slightly different process for applying for credit. Your mobility officer or course convener will assist you in this process. If they require further information, we can arrange for one of our dedicated Program Coordinator to discuss the program further.

  1. Pay down payments / apply for OS-HELP

Once you have applied, we will assess your application. If you are successful you will be sent a letter of offer.  You have 7 calendar days to accept and pay the deposit. Once you have accepted your offer you can apply for OS-Help.

The sooner you apply the sooner you can apply for credit! So get started today!