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Insider's view on climate change in Vanuatu

January 2, 2020

In December 2019 Roam took a group of students on a 2 week study tour to explore the impacts of Climate Change in Vanuatu. Throughout their stay the students had the opportunity to explore, discuss and learn from the people of Vanuatu, how climate change is effecting their environment, country and way of life. The group undertook activities and visited places such as; language lessons, city tour, National Museum, tree planting, coral re-planting, snorkeling, turtle breeding program, home stay on Nguna Island, local food market, giant clam breeding project and the Australian High Commission. The group also had discussions and presentation from; Cultural experts in the National Women’s Council, Department of Climate Change, Department of Forestry Nursery, Ministry of Tourism, Island Conservation Network and Oxfam Vanuatu.

It was a busy, informative, active and memorable experience for everyone involved with the following direct quote from a participating student.

“The Vanuatu study tour was an exceptional experience that I will never forget. Not only am I walking away with an incredible appreciation for both the country and it’s people but have formed friendships that will be cherished for a lifetime. The tour was based around engagement with the local Ni-Vanuatu people and subsequently enabled me to gain valuable insights into the culture, tradition and climatic perspective prevalent throughout the nation. The two week itinerary was incredibly hands on and involved a wide range of learning activities such as coral replanting, mud baths, conservation parks, home stays, tree planting and lots of snorkeling!

Throughout these activities I was able to observe how climatic alterations are leading to issues such as coastal erosion, coral bleaching, sea level rises, forest degradation, food insecurity and an increased risk to natural disasters. We also had various meetings with government officials to gain valuable insights into how the nation plans to overcome hurdles and prepare for a future in the face of climate change. These discussions were pivotal to my learning and helped me understand the complex nature of climate change mitigation. Overall, the Vanuatu study tour was an incredible experience that has forever changed the way I view the world. I am returning home with a special place in my heart for Vanuatu and would highly recommend this adventure to anyone.”

Lauren Hodgson

BA. Health Sciences.

Coral Replanting
Coral Replanting

Food Market in Vanuatu
Food Market in Vanuatu

Forestry Nursery - replanting
Forestry Nursery – replanting